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Sara Olsher

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer : A Book about Childhood Cancer for Kids (Hardcover)

What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer : A Book about Childhood Cancer for Kids (Hardcover)

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When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life flips upside-down. Suddenly, our days (and our thoughts) are dominated by doctors, nurses, child life specialists, and a million technical terms that will make anyone's head spin. Add extreme fear and anxiety to that, and you've got a recipe for the most stressful time in a family's life. What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer is a book written with purpose of relieving the anxiety and confusion that comes from a child's cancer diagnosis and treatment. What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer covers the main points of pediatric cancer - what it is and what the experience of treatment is like - and shows how it can change a kid's day. The book is great for ages 4 -10 and discusses: The science of cancer Changes to routines Surgery and anesthesia Chemotherapy Hair loss and hair changes Port, central line, and tubies Hospital stays Radiation Scans and blood draws Emotions relating to cancer Over the course of a year and with the help of both experts and families who have been through pediatric cancer, author and illustrator Sara Olsher explains the science of cancer (in an age-appropriate, totally non-scary way) and uses an illustrated calendar to show how various treatments affect a child's day-to-day. This method of teaching is based on decades of solid science about how kids learn and cope with the major day-to-day changes that result from issues like cancer. By creating a routine that kids can see and understand, parents can restore a sense of safety and predictability in their kids' lives, helping them to be more resilient in the face of life's inevitable challenges. What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer? helps families that want to reduce their kids' anxiety surrounding a very scary diagnosis. It aims to empower kids with knowledge, which is proven to help kids through traumatic situations.

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