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Jessica Courtney Tickle; Katy Flint; Rowan Baker

Story Orchestra: The Story Orchestra: I Can Play (Vol 1) : Learn 8 Easy Pieces of Classical Music! (Series #7) (Hardcover)

Story Orchestra: The Story Orchestra: I Can Play (Vol 1) : Learn 8 Easy Pieces of Classical Music! (Series #7) (Hardcover)

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With a keyboard that plays the sound of apiano, enchanting illustrations from The Story Orchestra story books, and color- and shape-coded instruction, I Can Play (vol 1) shows young musicians how to play 8 famous classical tunes. From the The Story Orchestra series, a beautifully illustrated first piano sound book! Press the keys to learn 8 famous classical tunes from the story books. While other books in the series play famous pieces of classical music, in this new Story Orchestra title, young readers can now play the tunes themselves! Color and shape codes correspond to the 14 keys, so kids can learn easy 8-bar, one-finger melodies, so even the youngest child can learn to play music with this simple method. For best results, playing readers the original piece first is recommended so children can familiarise themselves with the pacing of the tune. Each song includes an enchanting illustration and description of the part of the story that the music is telling along with playing tips. All the favourite characters from the series are there to encourage young musicians as they play their first notes with the sound of a piano. I Can Play: The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky) The Dance of the Reed Flutes - The Nutcracker (Tchaikovsky) Flight of the Swans - Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) Dance of the Cygnets - Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky) Royal March of the Lions - The Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Sa?ns) The Elephant - The Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Sa?ns) The Swan - The Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Sa?ns) Spring Dawn Chorus - The Four Seasons (Vivaldi) Readers should press firmly on the pages to activate the keys, encouraging them to explore the possibilities of making music!

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