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SNAP-LOC ALL-TERRAIN HAND CART 4 WHEEL 750 lb. capacity, 10 inch airless wheels

SNAP-LOC ALL-TERRAIN HAND CART 4 WHEEL 750 lb. capacity, 10 inch airless wheels

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Moves more safely in less time with 4 wheel stability and 4 built-in SNAPLOC E-Strap anchors to secure cargo!Do not over tighten straps; this may cause damage to strap, cargo, anchor point and Snaplocs. At no time should any one Snaploc anchor (a.k.a.Loc-Down anchor) be subject to supporting more than 3000 pounds of straight pull or 1,000 pounds working load. Though Snaplocs can be used almost anywhere, it is your responsibility to determine suitability of this product for any particular use. This product is only as strong as stated when what you anchor them to is as equally strong. Like with all metal products, Snaplocs are subject to damage by elements of weather and may display surface rust at connection points. Surface rust is not covered under warranty. Snap-Loc products should be regularly inspected and replaced if worn, damaged or rust has penetrated deeper than the initial surface of the product. Minor surface rust is expected with use. Continuous exposure to ultra-violet light, extreme cold or extreme heat can degrade the strength of straps. Storage of straps should be in a dry place not susceptible to elements of weather. Do not exceed weight limits as shown on straps. If weight of cargo exceeds "Working Load Limits" use additional straps with additional Snaplocs. Always keep in mind that Dynamic G-Forces will compromise weight limits such as quickly reducing the speed at which the cargo is traveling and wind resistance. Breaking Strength is the minimum load a component or assembly will withstand before failure; Working Load Limit is the maximum load a component or assembly should be subjected to during routine use; do not exceed one-third (1/3) of the Breaking Strength Capacity. A Rated Load Capacity is established and regulated by industry or legislative standards and may vary but is typically based on the application of a straight pull. All ratings are based on the product being new and with usage in average environmental conditions. For any particular use, check with applicable industry, trade association, federal, state and/or local regulations. Always read and follow all installation and usage instructions carefully. Do not expose straps to sharp edges, acids, chemicals or items that may cause damage to fabric. Products are subject to age, wear and deterioration which can cause a reduction in the products breaking strength. We recommend that all products and anchoring points be inspected before and during every use. Any damaged or worn products should not be used and should be replaced. We recommend that straps be used at the same angle as Snaploc anchors. If straps are bunched up and angle away from the Snaploc anchor, the longevity, working load capacity and safety may be significantly reduced. Always make sure nothing is close to or touching the E-Fitting release leaver when in use as this may cause it to release. After strapping cargo, always secure leftover unused strap. When traveling, we recommend periodically checking straps, cargo and anchor points to insure they are safely secure. If secured cargo has sharp edges or is subject to omitting heat or chemicals it may cause failure of straps. Keep in mind that some parts of this product may scratch or cause damage to cargo and vehicle if not properly protected and secured. If there are any further questions contact your local Snap-Loc dealer or one of our customer service representatives.

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