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RangTouek Assorted Arts&Crafts Supplies for Kids, Collage School Crafting Materials Supply Set

RangTouek Assorted Arts&Crafts Supplies for Kids, Collage School Crafting Materials Supply Set

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The Arts and Crafts Supplies Jar for Kids is a giant bucket full of arts & craft supplies containing hundreds of materials you and your child can choose from, your creative needs will surely be satisfied and further develop your child?s artistic skills.Doing arts & crafts are very beneficial to children for it stimulates the brain and helps foster concentration, memory, and patience. Which are the vital stepping stone to be able to strive in school and be successful in the future!Hours of FunWhat could be more fun that creating arts and expressing your self thru your creations. You can even craft things with your friends to even have more fun, and have those wonderful bonding moments you will surely remember for life.Excellent for Classrooms or Home ProjectsWhether you want to craft some home decorations or make school projects, you do not have to worry because with so many items included, feel assured that you will have everything you need.Promotes Innovation and CreativityBring out the creative genius in you and your child. Arts and crafts provide a platform for the kids to create new things. It makes them think differently and to innovate. The ability to solve problems the kid encounters while taking up a project work promotes creativity. In short arts and crafts will make your kids more resourceful and versatile.All in ONE JAR COMBO: 20 x feathers 100 x Pipe Cleaners 20 x Metallic Color Pompoms 30 x Standard Pompoms 1 Jar x Sequins - Mixed Shapes: Butterfly, Snowflake, Leaf, Heart, Flower 30 x Googly Eyes (10 of 18mm, 10 of 10mm, 10 of 6mm) 64 x Mixed EVA Foam Letters (8-9g) 52 x Mixed EVA Foam Flowers (5-6g) 1 x Crystal Diamond Stickers (135pcs) 30 x Mixed Colors Buttons (Small) 50 x Colorful Wooden Popsicle Sticks 4 x Glitter Glue (White, Blue, Green and Gold) 1 x Safety Scissors20 x Sheets of Thick Construction Paper (15cm x 21cm - Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green)
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