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Progene Testosterone Supplement, Test Booster Tablets, 80 Ct

Progene Testosterone Supplement, Test Booster Tablets, 80 Ct

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Progene? 80ct Testosterone Supplement Did you know... men lose 1-2% of their ability to produce testosterone each year? By age 45, up to 50% of total testosterone product could be LOST! Lower levels can reduce energy levels, decrease metabolism and impact mood? Are you: Feeling tired? Noticing more belly fat? Lacking in motivation? Finding it hard to stay interested? These are all normal signs of age-related testosterone loss. Doctor recommended Progene is a natural solution to this natural problem. Testosterone loss is unavoidable... but Progene can help! Progene was formulated over 15 years ago with input from naturopaths, pharmacists, & biochemists. Having stood the test of time, Progene\'s safe & effective formula is sold at retailers nationwide. As the first product to address this issue, Progene is also the ONLY brand in the country with clinical grade testing capabilities- Do you know your levels? Would you like to find out? Search Walmart for Test Kits! At a fraction of the cost of prescriptions, Progene\'s powerful formula is actually banned in professional sports. While perfect for \"weekend warriors\" - do not take Progene if you are a sponsored athlete.
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