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Miracle Spritz Antibacterial and Household Cleaner (Strawberry Spring ) 8 pieces per pack

Miracle Spritz Antibacterial and Household Cleaner (Strawberry Spring ) 8 pieces per pack

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Description: Use this unique multi-purpose multi -surface formula to simply clean and disinfects your entire household in 1 easy step without rinsing and streaking. Leaves a professional shine with no residue and build up. Clean your entire home such as kitchen bathrooms, furniture, glass, walls electronics, fabrics, wood. Leaves crystal clear shining on glass Leaves an elegant look on cabinets and furniture Leaves a bright clean shine on porcelain Leaves a distinctive feel and look on carpet and upholstery Leaves a brilliant high luster shine on stainless steel with metal and chrome. Safely wipe down walls painted surfaces and wallpaper. Safely clean electronics and display screen with a touch of class. Resist finger prints and smudges. Miracle Spritz is a ready to use formulaEco safe, Eco Greenthat can safely clean round children and pets. Has a high surface area that extend and maximizes your cleaning area. 32oz can effectively clean your entire household. For professional use 24oz has had a maximum extendedefficiencyrange up to 35,000 square feet. Intended for home, institutional and industrial use. This includes: Clinics, Dental Offices, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Nursing Homes, Bars, Restaurants, Athletic Facilities, Business and Office Buildings, Colleges, Exercise Facilities, Factories, Hotels, Institutional Facilities, Locker Rooms, Playground Equipment; Prisons, Schools, Airplanes, Airports, Cars, Day Care Centers, and Military Facilities. Cleaning Instruction: Spray overall surfaces with an even light mist In a quick like motion, wipe entire area using a micro fiber towel.

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