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Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipple (Pack of 12)

Enfamil Standard-Flow Soft Nipple (Pack of 12)

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The Enfamil nipples are made of surgical-grade plastic (Thermoplastic elastomer) Designed for use with nursette glass bottles, these disposable nipples are available in a variety of styles for an infant?s special need. Your baby?s outgrowing things left and right. We designed them a nipple to fit their feeding needs whether they?re 6 weeks or 6 months. Featuring an average-sized, single-hole opening, this nipple releases formula at a standard pace that?s ideal for every stage of babyhood. Each nipple is individually wrapped, so the baby can use it right out of the pack. It fits most standard bottles (which likely includes your baby?s favorite), our 2 oz. Nursettes?, and 8 oz. ready-to-use bottles. Because more gas equals fewer giggles, this nipple is vented to keep air out of their tummy. Your baby will marvel at its softness and you?ll be pleasantly surprised to know it has no BPA, PVC, or phthalates.

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