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Colin A White; Morningtundra

Chevalier: The Vintage Rolex Field Manual : An Essential Collectors Reference Guide (Series #1) (Edition 2) (Hardcover)

Chevalier: The Vintage Rolex Field Manual : An Essential Collectors Reference Guide (Series #1) (Edition 2) (Hardcover)

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A data-driven desk reference for collectors of the worlds favorite vintage watches. Designed to give valuable insight, specifications and descriptions, for new and seasoned collectors alike. How to Find, Price & Buy A Vintage Rolex WatchFinding a vintage Rolex is easy. Finding one that's worth its price... that's the challenge. Fakes are getting harder to spot, and a poor restoration could end up costing you more than its price in repairs. That's a painful mistake you could avoid with the right information. Written by a seasoned collector, this guide will teach you the complex nuances of vintage Rolex watches, saving you from financial catastrophe and turning you into a savvy collector. 1,483 references are covered in extraordinary detail, from antique and vintage dress watches to contemporary professional watches. Bezel sizes, dial markings, case engraving, hands, movements and much more, all documented so you know exactly what you're paying for. The guide will lead you from potential pitfall to glorious barn-find, with all the treacherous twists and turns along the way. There are plenty of pictures to inspire, inform and enlighten you as you learn to zero-in on your dream watch. The world of vintage Rolex watches is complex and nuanced, making it especially daunting for the first-time buyer. But armed with the facts, you will make informed choices that put you back in the driver's seat.
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