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Jeffrey Morgenthaler; Alanna Hale; Alanna Hale

Bar Book : Elements of Cocktail Technique (Hardcover)

Bar Book : Elements of Cocktail Technique (Hardcover)

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Learn the key techniques of bartending from a master mixologist and impress your guests with your cocktails. Written by renowned bartender and cocktail blogger Jeffrey Morgenthaler, The Bar Book is the only technique-driven cocktail and bartender book out there. This modern cocktail book breaks down bartending basics into essential techniques and then applies them to mixing the best drinks. Bartending and mixology techniques include the best practices for: Juicing Garnishing Carbonating Stirring and shaking Choosing the correct ice for proper chilling and dilution of a drink And much more Featuring how-to photography illustrating the basic elements of mixed drinks, plus more than 60 recipes with step-by-step instructions for making craft cocktails that employ these essential bartending techniques, The Bar Book is an indispensable manual for home cocktail enthusiasts. THE ULTIMATE BARTENDER'S HANDBOOK: This comprehensive guide is an essential home bar book for beginners and seasoned bartenders alike. Those just learning how to make cocktails will gain knowledge about spirits, ingredients, and accessories, while more practiced mixologists will find all the inspiration they need to make the perfect craft cocktail. TOP-SHELF TIPS FROM AN EXPERT BARTENDER: Which three elements make a great cocktail? How do you choose the right sugar for a simple syrup recipe? When should you stir, and when should you use a shaker? Learn all this and more from Jeffrey Morgenthaler, an award-winning bartender and author from Portland, Oregon, who has worked behind the bar full-time since 1996, from neighborhood taverns and college nightclubs to fine restaurants and upscale cocktail bars. BROAD APPEAL: From whiskey, vodka, and gin to absinthe, rum, and wine, there's something for everyone here, whether your favorite cocktail is an espresso martini or a tiki drink. Perfect for: Anyone who wants to learn basic cocktail recipes, master classic cocktail techniques, or keep a fundamental bartending book within reach of their liquor shelf Holiday, birthday, graduation, or host/hostess gifts for budding bartenders Fans of bartending and mixology books like The Ultimate Bar Book, The Art of Mixology, Cocktail Codex, Death and Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, and Liquid Intelligence

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