WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Powder Kit: Include Large Bubble Wand and 3 Packet of Big Bubble Powder (Makes 3 Gallons) | Outdoor Toy for Kids, Boys, Girls (Kit), Multicolor, Kit

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SOUTH BEACH BUBBLES = OUTDOOR. FAMILY. FUN. Our company came to life by two devoted fathers who had a mission to start an outdoor movement, by encouraging kids to move away from the screens and back into having fun outdoors!! WOWMAZING: #1 LEADER IN GIANT BUBBLES - Here is the perfect introduction to the world of ginormous, colorful, high-flying, long-lasting bubbles! Once the first huge bubble takes shape, you’ll hear people shout, “Wow!” and “Amazing!” – and you’ll understand why we call them “WOWmazing! It is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and biodegradable! We focus on quality and you can trust you're getting a premium, reliable, and superior product. DESIGNED FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: AGES 6-96. Our unique giant bubble products are a must-have entertainment for a day at the beach or park, toddler or Grandpa’s birthday party, company’ spring celebration, preschool fundraiser event, resort, summer & winter camp activity, or your next family vacation. The magic happens after just a few minutes, no one will be missing their electronics – except to post incredible photos and videos! WHAT YOU’LL GET ✔ A set of wands that has the same design used to set every “Biggest Bubble” world record, for the last 30 years! ✔ 3 packets of “We had so much fun!” Each packet mixes with 1 cup of your detergent (Dawn, Joy, Fairy, Palmolive, 7th Generation, Method or Mrs. Meyer's) and 1 gallon of tap water, making thousands of the biggest, most beautiful bubbles ever. SUPPORT AUTISM AWARENESS - This new product design can help develop kids’ motor skills by engaging in healthy outdoor activities and a portion of this product's proceeds goes to support autism research and awareness.

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