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Taffix Anti-Virus Nasal Spray Powder Block Virus Protection for 5 hours

Taffix Anti-Virus Nasal Spray Powder Block Virus Protection for 5 hours

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Taffix NEW Nasal spray powder block Virus Protection For 5 Hours Taffix nasal spray powder to block viruses entering the nasal cavity. The powder is inhaled and dispersed in the nasal cavity, adheres to the nasal mucosa, absorbs fluids and forms an active and acidic gel layer at level 3.5 above the nasal mucosa. Taffix powder contains HPMC which has been in clinical use for decades and has an established safety profile. The use of Taffix creates a gentle and protective gel layer in the nose, which is an active barrier that protects against the entry of viruses through the nasal cavity. The protective layer of Taffix creates a double, mechanical and chemical blocking effect that prevents the penetration of up to 97% of the viruses that enter the nasal cavity and thus reduces the risk of infection. Taffix protection starts after 50 seconds and lasts up to 5 consecutive hours. Use Taffix up to 3 times a day to maintain an active protective layer that blocks viruses. A detailed method of use is attached to the consumer leaflet. Container type: Plastic spray

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