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SportPet Designs

Sportpet Designs XXL Plastic Dog Airline Kennel, Carrier, 2XL

Sportpet Designs XXL Plastic Dog Airline Kennel, Carrier, 2XL

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This is a plastic kennel designed for a lifetime of use. Our plastic crate will be your ?go to? everyday home crate and Travel kennel. Sizing for help sizing your dog and to ensure you buy the correct size kennel. We also had airline travel in mind when designing this kennel. We include everything you need should you chose to ever fly with your dog. Check out our video for a quick tour of kennel features. Crate/ kennel assembly is fast and easy. Locking snaps hold the kennel halves together; additional included metal hardware locks the kennel together giving you peace of mind that your crate will make it'safe and secure. Some dogs chew their escape through plastic ventilation holes. We use metal slats to mitigate the chewing problem and keep your pet safe. Accident moat pulls spills away from your pet?s body, out to the edges of the kennel and a strong metal kennel door with a smooth, easy-to-grasp latch thick impact resistant poly shell can take a wallop and keep on going. Pet parents should check with their airline before a trip. Airline and cargo carrier rules vary between countries and airlines. Pet crating and kennel shipment rules do change regularly, so be sure to check with proper authority about pet shipments, Reds, and pet certifications and immunizations before your pet?s travel date. Limit kennel time, don?t park under the sun, keep pet in ventilated areas with temperature control and air movement. For pets and intended use only.

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