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Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Water Repellent Spray, 10.5 oz, 2 cans

Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Water Repellent Spray, 10.5 oz, 2 cans

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Make what matters to you last with Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Spray. This Scotchgard water repellent spray offers the ultimate protection against the elements. That means you can apply the fabric spray to your kids' coats for an extra layer of defense against wetness or spray it on patio furniture for serious water repellency. Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield Spray is ideal for use on tents, outerwear, rain gear, umbrellas, patio furniture, outdoor gear, backpacks, luggage, canvas tarps, boat covers and more, whether the items are in use or in storage. The water shield spray dries odorless and does not impede the fabric breathability. Scotchgard water repellent spray creates durable protection from the elements with just one application. This spray is safe for use on polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, leather, suede and more. Avoid mishaps with Scotchgard water repellent by proactively protecting fabrics and outdoor gear from spills and wetness. Whether applying this water repellent spray to outerwear before a sporting event or outdoor gear before a camping trip, this water shield will guard you against the dampest of times. One can of this fabric spray provides 60 square feet of water resistance on light nylon or 20 square feet on heavier fabrics. No matter what the adventure is, use your outdoor gear with confidence knowing that Scotchgard Outdoor Water Shield is your secret defender from life's little mishaps. Stop worrying and start living with Scotchgard.

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