Oogiebear Baby Ear & Nose Cleaner, PVC and BPA Free, Blue, S

Oogiebear Baby Ear & Nose Cleaner, PVC and BPA Free, Blue, S

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Ear and Nose CleanerLoop end for sticky mucusFriendly design won't scare babySoft rubber coating is slip-free and gentle against baby's skinFun design prevents tool from being inserted too deeplyScoop end for dried mucusOogiebear is perfect for little ears tooDo you oogie?Babies are just like the rest of us: they're happier when their nose aren't blocked. But cleaning a baby's nose can be a challenge. Aspirator bulbs are okay for wet mucus, but they're just not effective on sticky or dried mucus (okay, we'll say it - boogers). In fact, bulbs can actually push mucus further in, making it even harder to reach.Oogiebear to the rescue! The Oogiebear has a loop end that's great for sticky, rubbery mucus. Plus, it has a scoop end for safely removing dried mucus, too. It's made of soft, grippy rubber that's easy to hold. And the bear-head design isn't just cute - it prevents the Oogiebear from going too far into baby's nose or ear.

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