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Nervidyne: Nervonic Acid Myelin Support

Nervidyne: Nervonic Acid Myelin Support

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Nervonic Acid Nervonic acid, C24H46O2 is an omega-9 fatty acid that is very rare in nature. Nervonic acid is concentrated in the white matter of our brains, our myelin sheaths, and in our peripheral nervous tissue. Nervidyne contains highly concentrated nervonic acid mixed with lion?s mane mushroom extract and curcuminoids. Mercury Mercury can melt the myelin sheath right off a nerve cell. Nervonic acid may support the body in regenerating myelin. If you suspect you have mercury toxicity, consider contacting us regarding a mercury detox protocol. Protocol Nerve axons typically only grow from 1-5mm a day but re-myelination can happen much more quickly. While for general health, 1 capsule a day is sufficient, if you prefer a more accelerated protocol, you can take up to 1-2 a capsules a day on an empty stomach until you reach the degree of nerve health you are looking for. Ingredients Ingredients: Nervonic acid, lion?s mane extract, curcumin, and tricalcium phosphate. Recommended dose: 1 capsule per day for 30 days

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