Munchkin Sharky and Pals Nesting Bath ToyMulticolor,

Munchkin Sharky and Pals Nesting Bath ToyMulticolor,

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It’s no secret that the right toys make for a better bath routine. Upgrade your toddler’s tub collection with Sharky & Pals, a nesting bath toy that’s triple the fun! The friendly shark, penguin and fish characters keep curious minds engaged while building essential hand-eye coordination skills. But there’s more than meets the eye with this sweet trio. At first glance, it's a single toy shark, but surprise! There's a penguin and fishy "hiding" inside, playing peek-a-boo with your little one. Separate them to extend the ocean-inspired play -- the shark scoops, the penguin strains, and the fish squirts water. And when bath time is over, nest them back together for the easiest cleanup ever (just be sure to air dry before storing!). Your pint-sized seafarer will agree – sometimes the simplest bath toys make the biggest, most surprising splash!

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