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Miralax Twin Pack (2 bottles, 34 doses)

Miralax Twin Pack (2 bottles, 34 doses)

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Miralax Twin Pack (2 bottles, 34 doses) About this item Miralax Twin Pack Relieves occasional constipation/irregularity Softens stool Unflavored, grit-free powder Description If you're looking for little help with occasional constipation and need to soften stool by using something that doesn't lead to gas, cramping and bloating, and be sure to reach for this MiraLAX? Twin Pack (2 bottles, 34 doses). For years, MiraLAX powder has been trusted by millions, and it easily dissolves in water as well as other liquids without leaving a taste for grit. Even better, the MiraLAX Twin Pack is available without a prescription. What Helps Constipation Fast? As with any other medical question, a specific answer needs to be tailored to an individual. That said, however, drinking more water, eating more fiber and exercising more are three of some of the top home remedies that can aid. Sometimes, however, that is not enough, and that is where MiraLAX powder comes into play. This product gives fast and effective asset constipation relief, especially when used alongside other natural remedies for constipation. In fact, MiraLAX is most often the number one recommended brand for immediate constipation relief by doctors and healthcare providers across the country. How is MiraLAX Different? Not all laxatives are the same when it comes to effectiveness, and they don't all work the same way either. The MiraLAX Twin Pack works by helping your body to hydrate, ease and soften blockages in your system. This method relieves constipation fast as well as help ensure that unwanted side effects such as gas, cramping or bloating does not occur. MiraLAX also helps to avoid sudden urgency because it is not a stimulant that forces the colon into action. What Beverages Can I Drink with MiraLAX? Because the powder in the MiraLAX? Twin Pack has no taste or grit and easily dissolves in any hot or cold beverage, you can use it with everything from coffee to water to orange juice and iced tea to smoothies and more. This makes MiraLAX one of the most convenient options when it comes to looking at constipation cures. Specifications No sudden urgency, for predictable relief The #1 recommended laxative by doctors, pharmacists and gastroenterologists The #1 brand used in hospitals

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