Kinsa Baby Smart Ear Digital Thermometer with Smartphone App & Health Guidance, Blue, THERMOMETER

Kinsa Baby Smart Ear Digital Thermometer with Smartphone App & Health Guidance, Blue, THERMOMETER

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PARENTS & DOCTORS LOVE KINSA SMART EAR Kinsa turned the first device you grab when illness strikes into a support system to help keep your family healthy. Designed with you in mind, Kinsa Smart Ear digital thermometer is FDA-cleared for safety & accuracy and pediatrician-recommended for all life stages - from baby to adult. It gives you fast, professionally accurate and reliable temperature reading in less than 2 seconds, at the push of a button, and is gentle enough to use on a sleeping or squirmy toddler! Smart Ear doesn't stop with the temperature reading. This award-winning thermometer links to your smartphone via Bluetooth and it will let you know what to do next! Do you require rest and fluids, ibuprofen, or a trip to the emergency room? The free Kinsa app will give you guidance. KINSA APP: LIKE A NURSE IN YOUR POCKET Let Kinsa guide you from the first sign of sickness through recovery and beyond. Kinsa uses your age, fever and symptoms to provide personalized guidance in your moment of need, allowing you to respond to illness right away. It helps you understand how to soothe symptoms, when to take meds or see a doctor. Also, it allows you to track temperatures, symptoms and medications for each family member. Easily remember when symptoms began, how high the fever got and be reminded when it's time for more medication. Share the illness record with another caregiver or your doctor. Feel Better Guidance Get personalized guidance so you know exactly what to do next when illness strikes. Kinsa gives you peace of mind with age-specific fever and symptom guidance in real-time so you can know when it's important to take extra precaution or see a doctor. Health Tracking Kinsa tracks fever readings, symptoms, diagnoses and medications for each family member so you can keep straight who started with what symptom when... so handy when you have several "patients" to care for! Your doctor will be impressed you know exactly when the cough or fever started... and more importantly, you'll have one less thing to worry about. Medication Dosage & Reminders Get medication dosage guidance and reminders when it?s time to take meds - so you never forget, take too little or too much. This feature is especially helpful when a fever is high and your doctor recommends alternating between medications. Kinsa Will Cheer You Up Kinsa's entertaining animations make temperature taking fun! And in Sesame Street mode, Elmo's cheerful voice will make your little ones (and you!) feel better. Try Kinsa yourself to see why we are praised for turning the worst part of caring for sick kids into the best! IS THE KINSA APP REQUIRED FOR SMART EAR TO WORK? Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer is designed for use with or without a smartphone. However, for the full experience including features such as symptom tracking and fever guidance, you will need to download the free Kinsa app. Smart Ear is compatible with iPhones and Android phones. The Kinsa app is available on iTunes or Google Play store.

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