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Great Value

Great Value Microwave Cheese Pizza, 7.2 oz

Great Value Microwave Cheese Pizza, 7.2 oz

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Great Value Microwave Cheese Pizza is a true winner across all age groups. This pizza is made with a mozzarella cheese blend, a delicious, flavorful sauce that has just the right amount of spices, all on top of a tasty crispy crust. The added benefit of a microwave susceptor built right into the package makes this a convenient meal at home or away from home. Make one for an after-school snack, cook them for a quick dinner, sleepover, movie night, or any time you crave pizza. Easy to prepare in minutes, or to be prepared in your home oven for a crispier crust. Just the right size package at only 7.2 ounces to allow your freezer to always be stocked with this anytime meal. Enjoy the taste of Great Value Microwave Cheese Pizza. Great Value products provide families with affordable, high-quality grocery and household consumable options. With our wide range of product categories spanning grocery and household consumables, we offer you a variety of products for your family's needs. Our products are conveniently available online and in Walmart stores nationwide, allowing you to stock up and save money at the same time.

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