Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula, Our closest to Breast Milk - Powder, 20.5 oz Reusable Tub (4 Pack), White, 20.5 oz

Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula, Our closest to Breast Milk - Powder, 20.5 oz Reusable Tub (4 Pack), White, 20.5 oz

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Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula. Our Closest Formula to Breast Milk. Ever. First and Only Formula with Lactoferrin and MFGMEnfamil Enspire is our closest formula to breast milk. It is the first and only baby formula with MFGM and Lactoferrin* ? two components also found in breast milk that help support your baby's mental development and immune system.Enfamil Enspire is non-GMO** and is designed to provide complete nutrition for babies 0-12 months.LactoferrinLactoferrin is a nutrient that's found in high levels in breast milk and is also found in Enfamil Enspire. It is an important protein that helps support the immune system and intestinal development.Why is it so important to support intestinal development? Because 70% of your baby's immune system is located in the digestive tract. So when Lactoferrin supports the digestive system, it is also supporting the immune system.Clinical studies have confirmed this protein's ability to support immune health for infants and toddlers. Enspire is Enfamil's ONLY formula that contains an amount of Lactoferrin that is within the range found in mature breast milk.*MFGM and DHAEnfamil Enspire is formulated to nourish your baby's brain with MFGM. MFGM stands for Milk Fat Globule Membrane, a protein complex found in breast milk. Evidence from a recent clinical study showed MFGM in baby formula supports cognitive development similar to breast milk.*All infant formulas may have inherent trace levels of MFGM and Lactoferrin, but only Enspire is specifically designed to have these innovative components also found in breast milk.**Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, but trace amounts of genetically engineered material may be present in the product from manufacturing environments and process sources.?Than previous formulations

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