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Peggy Curry

Damn Good Gluten Free Cookbook : 140+ Deliciously Adaptable Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Paleo Recipes for Vibrant Living! (Hardcover)

Damn Good Gluten Free Cookbook : 140+ Deliciously Adaptable Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Paleo Recipes for Vibrant Living! (Hardcover)

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140+ delicious, customizable gluten free recipes-hello vegan/paleo friends-the entire family will love. Peg's gluten free cookbook proves food can be healthy, easy to prepare, and still taste damn good. In her debut gluten free cookbook, award-winning health and wellness advocate and mother of 4, Peggy Curry shows how to heal your body with food and make flavorful meals that will knock the socks off everyone at your table. With 140+ family-friendly recipes, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, plant-based and paleo options, this gluten free cookbook proves that food can be healthy and still taste damn good. With Peggy Curry's creative approach to whole food recipes and easy meal planning hacks you'll gain confidence in preparing nourishing meals that satisfy your entire family, no matter their dietary preferences. After healing her family of six nearly two decades ago using a gluten-free diet, Peggy has become a go-to source for delicious gluten-free recipes that are safe, healthy, and functional. In this book she walks you through the process of cooking for autoimmune disease - replacing processed foods with wholesome organic kitchen staples, planning crave-worthy weeknight dinner themes, and cooking simple tasty recipes to satisfy everyone at your table. "Peggy embraces the art of healthy living and eating. The recipes and information you will find in Damn Good Gluten Free, will ignite your inner chef and nourish your whole body, mind and spirit. This beautiful cookbook shares the principles of Functional Medicine." -Dr. Mark Hyman, MD., 14-time #1 New York Times best-selling author, Board President of Clinical Affairs for The Institute for Functional Medicine, and host of the renowned health podcast, The Doctor's Farmacy Damn Good Gluten Free is packed with delicious, adaptable recipes for the whole family, from grain-free breakfasts to themed weeknight meals to vegan desserts that make healthy meal planning easy and enjoyable! Don't let chronic symptoms keep you and your family down; discover joy in the kitchen, eat food that loves you back, and make life delicious every day! Damn Good Gluten Free is the perfect gift for gluten-free women or men. Get one for your friend or family member and change their life!

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