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Christmas With a Prince: Becoming Royal (DVD)

Christmas With a Prince: Becoming Royal (DVD)

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We pick up a few days after the Royal Christmas dinner as Dr. Tasha and Prince Alexander try to find time in their busy schedules for each other. When the King convinces Prince Alexander to return home, he asks Dr. Tasha to join him for the Christmas holiday. She agrees and begins making arrangements. Dr. Tasha has doubts about leaving her charges at the hospital, but Dr. Gonzalez and her brother Jeff convince her that she needs the rest and to do it not only for herself but to be stronger for her patients. Prince Alexander and Dr. Tasha jet off to St. Savarre where he takes her on a tour of the beautifully snow blanketed country. She is introduced to several people but Dr. Tasha strongly connects with his god-child Lara. Spending this time together, the love between Prince Alexander and Dr. Tasha grows and he asks for her hand in marriage. She happily says yes and begins to plan the wedding. Princess Miranda gets wind of the news and she is not happy. In the midst of this Dr. Tasha is called away on an emergency, leaving Prince Alexander to finish planning the wedding and for Princess Miranda to stir up some trouble. Will Princess Miranda succeed at breaking them up or will Dr. Tasha have her happily ever after?

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